Ana María Ruimonte travelled to La Habana in March to record "Africana Soy" with new songs and zarzuelas by Ernesto Lecuona with the maestro Huberal Herrera.
Recording session in La Habana

So proud of my sister!

Enthusiastic reception for the new CD “Roses for Lecuona” in New Zealand! February 28th –



“Her voice is both powerful and sweet”, 

“Beautiful Voice”…. “Beautiful”…. “Beautiful”….. , public say.

Ana María Ruimonte’s heavenly singing raised the Miguel Hernández memorial concert several levels above the ordinary“, John Liechty, American composer and pianist.

Roses for Lecuona: “Splendid interpretation”, Cecilia Rodrigo, Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo.

Cuban-Spanish-American collaboration presents the new CD  Roses for Ernesto Lecuona ,  with our special guest the pianist and musician  Maestro Huberal Herrera  from Cuba, production by American Alan Lewine and of course Ana María Ruimonte of Spain singing. The most beautiful songs and piano pieces by Cuba’s great composer, recorded in Havana in 2017,  brought to the United States and mixed in Philadelphia just for you.

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Radio Interview from New York!

Radio Interview from Santiago de Cuba!

Radio Interview from Madrid!

The Soul and Life of a Woman

Listen to the most passionate arias and romanzas in this CD “Alma y Vida de Mujer” or “The Soul and Life of a Woman”



Murillo 400th Anniverdsary

“Ventanas a la Vida” – a multimedia workshop in music, art, literature and history in celebration of the painter Murillo’s 400 anniversary”

“Ventanas a la Vida” or “Windows on Spanish Life” Educational&Artistic Workshops by Ana María Ruimonte ©2018










Ana María finds in Savannah, GA a portrait that could be her – painted in 1910 by Robert Henri titled “La Madrileñita”, which Henri described as:

¡Lee la historia de fantasmas sobre “La Madrileñita”!

“…one of the very best things I have painted … she had in her carriage at all times the spirit of dignity of Old Spain.”



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